If you’re not the type to meet people by fliering all of Manhattan, you’re left with only a few options. One of them is patrolling for paramours at coffee shops, and that’s exactly what Charles Gould does — sadly/hilariously to no avail — on “Charles, By the Way.” Gould, a standup comic who co-hosts the weekly Dan + Joe + Charles Show at UCB East, launched the web series with freelancer writer Daniel Hurwitz back in April. It’s set at Amici, a cafe they frequented when they both lived in Williamsburg (Gould has since moved to Manhattan).

In each episode, Charles becomes smitten with one of the coffee shop’s patrons (and at one point, the barista). When he tries to pick them up (by doing everything from offering to pay for their bevies to posing as a Dr. Who fan), he crashes like that third red-eye just wore off. In the past, Charles has struck out with a Pussy Riot lookalike but in the episode released today, based on one of Gould’s jokes about crushing on a subway ad, our hapless hero encounters a real-life CUNY Science All-Star (okay, not a real-life one — she’s played by an actress). Watch and see what happens.

If this hits too close to home (or coffee shop), Hurwitz, the co-writer and director, assures us that “things get a little rosier” for Charles in next week’s episode, the last of the current batch. So stay tuned.