(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Turns out, fliering isn’t just for people looking for girlfriends, it’s also for those seeking, er, party partners? When we spotted the above masterpiece of Comic Sans outside of Kellogg’s Diner in Williamsburg, we at first shrugged it off as the work of some lame party promoter trying to get hip with new guerrilla DIY tactics.  But then we spotted the e-mail, wearesohigh1@gmail.com, and thought maybe this was the work of some earnest stoners after all. So against our better judgement we dropped these flier boys and girls a line. To our pleasant surprise, we received a friendly reply.

BB_Q(1) Hey just seeing what’s the deal with the flier?

BB_A(1) Hahahahahahagaha………. We are just looking for cool ppl to chill with and we though a flyer would be funny 🙂

BB_Q(1) Have you heard back from any chillers?

BB_A(1) Yes, one person and they just asked if we were serious lol

Why does your subject say press inquiry?

BB_Q(1) Oh. I’m a writer for this blog. It’s my subject line for everything.We thought we might write something about your flier.

BB_A(1) What!!!!! That would be cool as fuck!! We were sooo fucked up too when we did it lmfao!!!!! But I’m just curious why you want to write about it?

BB_Q(1) [touché] We sometimes do posts on weird fliers we come across around the Lower East Side/ East Village / North Brooklyn.

BB_A(1) Where do you post? And would you be interested in meeting? If you dare…. Lol

BB_Q(1) Perhaps. What would happen if we met up?

BB_A(1) Party like animals lol basically everything the flyer describes…. And more.

We’re on the clock, so we’re stopping the convo right here.