(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

Normally if we wanted to see a live rendish of “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” we’d have to settle for Guns N’ Hoses, but not last night: Slash, not Gash, was in full force at Santos Party House, at a private show for some lucky Sirius XM listeners.


The onetime GNR guitarist’s new jam with Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators is out today (you can stream it here), but despite having an album to promote, he spent plenty of time tipping his top hat to the old stuff last night, playing “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” “You’re Crazy” and “Rocket Queen” (yesss) off of Appetite for Destruction and “You Could Be Mine” off of Use Your Illusion.


Last time we saw Slash do his thing, it was 13 years ago at the long gone Birch Hill Nite Club, a metal mecca in the middle of the woods of New Jersey that — no joke — looked like this. Granted he was hiding behind the aviators, but he seemingly hasn’t aged a day since then, nor has his shredding (which made his “I Turnt Up Like This” tank top kind of a humblebrag).

For Axl’s sake, we hope he wasn’t listening in on the live broadcast on Sirius, because Kennedy (who, for a guy who just toured with Aersomith, looks eerily like Steven Tyler) was crushing his vocals without once getting winded, berating the audience, or wearing a preposterous football jersey.

The highlight of the night, for those who stayed for the encore, was Slash dedicating “Paradise City” to NYC. Then again, he probably says that to all the cities — since when is the grass greener in Chinatown?

Some clips:

You Could Be Mine

You’re Crazy

Rocket Queen

Sweet Child o’ Mine