(Photo: JaredLeto.com)

(Photo: JaredLeto.com)

On Tuesday Jared Leto will host an intimate one-man show for an audience in Bushwick. With Franco-like bravado, Renaissance Man Leto will impress upon guests his many talents as not only an actor and orator, but also a photographer, and award winning musician. Yes, 30 Seconds To Mars has won distinguished awards.

A mere $300 per ticket includes a copy of his new photography book, Haiti; a brief, single-song acoustic performance; and an informative lecture, Haiti: The Journey Is The Destination, on his 2011 “epic and unforgettable” trip.

Check out the video below to see a very blonde Jared Leto poking around some post-earthquake blight with his camera. Perhaps this will be the song he performs?! Fingers crossed!

OK, so this is all for charity. Yes, all of it. For better or worse, Jared will not be spending any of the money on a haircut or new ombré dye-job. The man of many (questionable) talents is actually well-known for being a pretty charitable dude.

If you’re truly a huge fan who’s not flush with cash, you can watch a live stream of the event for a considerably smaller price. All the profits from these tickets will also be going “to benefit the wonderful people of Haiti.” Perhaps if you tweet at Jared or something he’ll throw in a hair doll for a couple of extra bucks.

Jared Leto will present Haiti: The Journey Is The Destination at Live Stream Public in Bushwick, 195 Morgan Avenue @ 5pm; tickets, $300