When we pointed out The Friskies and the upcoming Cat Video Film Festival, we were kind of wowed by the fact that there were not one but two cat video film fests. Turns out there are not two but three of them.

Sunday, as part of Super Week (a pre-Comic Con week of events that will bring guests like Amy Sedaris, Kevin Smith and Community show-runner Dan Harmon to town) Galapagos will host “The First (and Probably Last) Annual New York Feline Film and Video Festival for Humans.”

Hosts Mike Keegan and Jay Wertzler, who earlier this year produced the First Annual San Francisco Intergalactic Film Feline Fest, promise “a tabby 90-minute CAT-tacular featuring A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAT VIDEOS, WORLD PURR-MIERES, and an EMERGING VISIONS category full of the best sloth and otter videos a kid could want.”

Cats and sloths? That might justify the , but think about how much kitty litter (the nice kind!) that could buy.