Wand and Honey at Death By Audio (and possibly, maybe Ty Segall)
Wand, the garage-psych outfit from California that’s been opening for Ty Segall just before he absconds the Land of The Free for the Eurozone, will play a show of their own on Tuesday night at DBA. Oh yeah, and rumor has it Ty Segall might actually show his face as well. Ty’s appearance isn’t completely out of the question — after all, his video for “Goodbye Bread” was shot inside the DIY venue, and DBA is closing soon, meaning this could be his last chance to play a venue he’s clearly pretty fond of. Definitely joining Wand are the local dudes from Honey.

On Wednesday you can catch Wand AND Ty Ty for sure at Webster Hall if you’re willing to slog through a pack of wildly drunk teenagers from New Jersey. Wednesday, September 17th at Death By Audio in Williamsburg @ 8pm; tickets at the door, $8

Milo, Armand Hammer, Karma Kids, Nasa, Midnite Society at Palisades
Make your way to Palisades on Wednesday for a night of independent hip-hop from all over NYC (Armand Hammer, Uncommon Nasa, the Karma Kids, and Midnite Society) plus one guest from LA (by way of Wisconsin), Milo. You can get buck on the cheap, too, because ice cold Gennies (CREAM ALE DUH) are only $3. Just be careful not to trip over that weird leveling situation on the floor. Wednesday, September 17th at Palisades in Bushwick @ 8pm; tickets, $8

Metronomy at Warsaw
These blokes have been around for a minute. The British electronic pop group dropped their fourth album this spring and have kept up that cutesy Of Montreal without the darkness thing they’ve always had going on. They’re playing Warsaw this weekend, which is always a weird zone to check out electronic music. Be sure to gulp down some Zywiec and fear not the serve-your-own stuffed cabbage and Kielbasa. Friday, Sept. 19 at Warsaw in Greenpoint @ 8pm; tickets, $25

Brooklyn’s Burning: Volume 1 at the Acheron
Well, bother me Satan! This one’s gonna be a blood bath for your little eardrums to be sure, so be a nerd and wear earplugs. Remember, hearing loss is a degenerative disease, people! You won’t grow those weird little hairs back after hearing this two-day-long lineup that includes Nomad (seriously noisy, brain pummeling hardcore from NYC), Doom (UK crust punks), and EEL (violently nihilist shredders from Pittsburgh), among others. Check out the full list of bands here. Friday, Sept. 19 at the Acheron 8pm (, $10) and Saturday, Sept. 20 at The Wick (, $20)

Life Stinks, Gooch Palms, Lame Drivers, Summer Saints at Cake Shop
If Brooklyn’s Burning promise of “auditory terror” is a little too much for you, but you’re still looking to boogie to some “alternative” muzik, this show might be more your speed. Life Stinks is a garage punk band from SF that’s raw as hell, but, along with its other comrades for this evening’s show, are not absolutely burbling with testosterone a la hardcore punk. The Gooch Palms are in from Australia, and though they may be a goofy looking pair, they can still play some seriously catchy rock n’ roll. Two local acts are making an appearance as well: Lame Drivers (NYC power pop) and Summer Saints (jangly slacker rock from Brooklyn).