(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

That’s a wrap.

We noticed the Kim’s Video & Music sign lying on First Avenue just minutes ago, next to a moving van that was being loaded with what little of the store remained (even its sound system was sold off “for a song”). When we noticed Mr. Kim himself standing inside of the van, we asked him what would become of the sign and he told us he was saving it for when he opens a restaurant. Oh, really? So maybe his pizzeria plans weren’t half-baked?

Except that when we identified ourselves as a reporter, he said “I’m just kidding” — but told us he does hope to use the signage as decoration for his next business. Whatever it ends up being, he said, he plans to open it in New York.

If you missed our oral history of the Kim’s empire, check it out. As you’d expect, comments on the post range from a former clerk’s recollection of Robin Williams visiting the shop, to the usual RIPs, to (most recently) “In the spirit of Al Goldstein I say, Fuck You, Kim’s, and fuck everyone who ever worked there…”

Here’s a photo of the gutted store.