(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Sure, it’s been unseasonably chilly lately, but why the hell was it snowing on South 2nd Street, between Bedford and Berry, today. Ah, ok: it’s just Lena Dunham filming Girls in Williamsburg again.


Just minutes ago, a couple dozen onlookers watched during several takes as Hannah and (spoiler alert!) a male companion ambled down the depressingly icy sidewalk hand-in-hand, first without snow machines and then with. DO NOT click to enlarge these photos unless you’re okay with finding out who Hannah’s man might be next season.


Meanwhile, not only is Girls filming in Williamsburg (till 10 p.m., according to signs around the neighborhood), but Broad City is set to film on the Lower East Side. A production assistant told us they’d be shooting interiors and exteriors around Norfolk Street burlesque bar . So if you miss Lena, you might be able to catch Abbi and Ilana around 8 p.m. tonight.