Attention, WTFers, WTFuxtibles, WTFineers, WTFuckleberry Finns! Marc Maron is taking his grumbling and grousing out of the cluttered garage from which his weekly podcast emanates and into some far tonier digs.

NYU’s Skirball Center just announced its upcoming season, and the king of kvetch is hitting the theater (where we recently caught another comedy podcast god) on Nov. 7 as part of the New York Comedy Festival, which this year will also include performances by Bill Cosby (fresh off his wacky dressing down of Jimmy Fallon), our own Hannibal Buress (who we’re fixing to see at tonight’s Oddball fest while taking advantage of Jones Beach’s new WiFi), and — once again — Bill Maher at the Beacon. (When we saw Maher there last year, we bumped into Salman Rushdie in the lobby. It was neat.)

But, yeah, we’re especially psyched to see West Coast-based Maron (whose characteristically probing Robin Williams interview was probably all over your Facebook feed recently) return to his old stomping grounds. If you haven’t seen it before, do check out the above video where Maron sheepishly returns to his old East Village block only to find out that what used to be a dope hole is now a “fancy Italian restaurant.” In part two, he remembers sitting at 7B waiting for his man, and in part three he teams up with Rev. Jen on the Lower East Side and reminisces about heckling at her open mic night at Collective Unconscious. And in part four, he mourns the loss of his old haunt Luna Lounge, which the Times once called the “best place to see comedy in New York City.”

Other highlights of Skirball’s season include a contemporary circus festival, a new series with the photographers and explorers of National Geographic, the return of the super psychedelic Joshua Light Show, and more. Check out the online brochure here.