On the heels of the Urban Outffiters concept store, Diesel has opened a similarly stealth operation on the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 12th Street, in the same luxury building that birthed The Bean’s Williamsburg location. According to a store clerk, 101 (as it’s cleverly called, because it’s at 101 Bedford) is a pop-up that will be open through December and will be replicated around the world if successful.


And how could it not be a success? The store stocks giant watches that make you wonder whether the East River Ferry has started direct service to the Jersey shore, nail polish by Deborah Lippman (who makes NYC-themed makeup like “12th Street Rag”), going-out gear for those who dream of rolling up to Scores in a Lambo, copies of Candy with Chloe Sevigny as Terry Richardson on the cover, and a “Stripper Kit” featuring Diesel underwear, “sexy postcards,” fake dollah bills, and an issue of an artsy teen beefcake magazine. On the other side of the spectrum there are eco-friendly soy candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio — cuz there had to be some local maker type involved (if only for the European tourists).


Oh, and all of the store mannequins are outfitted with mohawked Pussy Riot-esque ski masks that will be on sale soon. (In the meantime you can just attach a $1 boa to a $1 ski mask and ask yourself why the hell you just did that).


If you just heard yourself say “I miss the old New York,” don’t worry — the pop-up closes its doors in December.