BEAU's mural on the bodega exterior (Photo: Kirsten O'Regan)

BEAU’s mural on the bodega exterior (Photo: Kirsten O’Regan)

Oh hey, street art lovers and bodega loiterers: here’s an opportunity to double down on your favorite pastimes. Specials on C—that corner deli turned art gallery/event space—is currently hosting a joint exhibition of works on paper and canvas by street artists BEAU and JMR.

The interior and exterior of the former bodega on the corner of Avenue C and 10th St has been transformed for BLACKWHITE—a show which (you guessed it) is unified by a monochrome palette.

Despite the #handsup hashtag on Beau’s external mural, the show is seemingly just about black-and-white art, and not about black-and-white relations. Inside there are a number of works of varying sizes, each in the artists’ distinctive styles. All of the pieces on display are available for purchase.

According to curator Robert Aloia (who previously worked with Specials on C owner Jim Chu at Chu’s café/gallery White Rabbit), opening hours haven’t yet been established, but will most likely run 1pm-6pm.

Interested parties can also contact Aloia or Chin at to work out a good time to pop by the gallery, at 195 Avenue C through August 31.