Earlier this week TEEN released a new video and now, just to continue to confuse the hell out of you, we’re bringing you the exclusive premiere of the new video from The Teen Age.

As we noted when we explained the difference between all these Teen/Tween bands, The Teen Age is the ’70s-inspired Brooklyn “doo-wop garage” outfit that last month released an EP, Ways to Adapt, on Brooklyn label PaperCup Music. Their debut single “Ventura,” recorded at Rubber Tracks in Williamsburg and released last year, is about as close as you can come to “Age of Consent” without actually covering it — and yet it somehow sounds fresh and not at all like yet another New Order knockoff. (The band has also been compared to The Strokes, Wavves and Pulp).

Check out the premiere of this live version of “Stop,” above, and if you like what you hear, catch The Teen Age opening for Drenge at Rough Trade tomorrow.