Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Wahines

Brooklyn Wahines has been quietly popping up in the Stan’s Cafecito space two nights a week ever since Honolulu native Siobhán Edwards of Red Wagon Catering opened it last month, but now it’ll be open Wednesday through Saturday nights. Between that and Onomea, South Williamsburg is becoming a virtual archipelago of Hawaiian food.


Ahi Poke

Wahines, Hawaiian for “woman,” serves up popular dishes like Ahi Poke, Shoyu chicken, and perhaps most popular of all, Banh Mi sandwiches: slow cooked pork or tofu simmered in ginger tomato BBQ sauce with pickled vegetables on a toasted roll. Drool.


Banh Mi

Edwards decided to expand Wahines’ hours simply out of demand; the restaurant has been well received since its soft opening in June, even attracting Manhattanites. “I’ve also won over Hispanics with my chicken,” Edwards says. “They were all coming in to see if I had the goods, and now they’re coming in to get the chicken.”


Shoyu Chicken

Toward the end of the summer, Edwards will decide whether to make the restaurant a permanent fixture that’s open seven days a week. In the meantime, they’re in the process of applying for a liquor license, and plans to begin serving alcohol within a couple weeks. Until then, diners are welcome to bring their own beverages.

Brooklyn Wahines is open Wednesday through Saturday from 5-11 p.m.