Leave it to the bar behind the Smallest Penis Pageant to pay tribute to Pumps in one of its restrooms.

Last night we stopped into the new iteration of King’s County Bar, which left its home on Siegel Street when its lease was up and this week reopened in the space that belonged to its sister restaurant, 1 Knickerbocker. Upon entering one of the downstairs bathrooms, we discovered something kind of amazing: the above tribute to East Williamsburg’s finest strip club.

Apparently the bar sent a photograph of Pumps to a tile specialist in Ohio and this is the result. We won’t tell you which of the four bathrooms it’s in, because it’s sort of an easter egg for people who need to pee.

Kings County’s love for Pumps is no secret — a date at the gogo bar (with two sisters, no less) was a potential prize of the Smallest Penis contest.

See this (no-)touching tribute for yourself tonight at the grand opening of Kings County Saloon, as the establishment at Knickerbocker and Johnson is now being called. Not Blood Paint will don one of their kooky outfits and Animal Years and The Bushwick Hotel will also play.