Onur Tukel, the filmmaker whose vampire comedy Summer of Blood drained us of laffs at Tribeca, also happens to be an illustrator: if you saw him play an artist in Michael Tully’s Septien then you’re familiar with his “very graphic and disturbing and sexually demented” work (and that’s him describing it).

On July 24, from 7pm to 11pm at The Living Gallery, near his home in Bushwick, over 120 of his ink paintings will be featured in “The Germans Are Coming.” The exhibit’s title nods to his favorite German Expressionists as well as to Hans Prinzhorn, the shrink who collected art by the mentally ill. “When I looked at the work I noticed there were similarities between the work in the Prinzhorn Collection and my own work,” Tukel says in the above preview video. “Which what does that tell you about me? That I may be a little fucked in the head.”

Tukel promises these original pieces — “affordably priced for the distressed and destitute” — will be “much tamer” than the Septien stuff, meaning “no vomit or feces or amputated penises.” Okay, but why is a baby being fed to a dinosaur in one of the paintings in the preview vid?