Reel Psyched is our weekly rundown of movies we’re excited to see.

Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger

A super in-depth documentary about James “Whitey” Bulger, a violent mob boss who spent most of his career having never been slapped with so much as a misdemeanor. Directed by Joe Berlinger, this documentary explores the corrupt judicial system, crooked cops, and powerful crime networks that allowed Whitey to get away with it all, at least for a while. If you’re into watching white men strut around and blab on about being badasses, or if you’re a little less cynical than myself and just love a good true-crime thriller, this is definitely the film for you. Now thru July 10 at IFC Center,  tickets, $14.


In a post-snowpocalypse order, a train speeds around the earth filled with the last remaining humans, but only 1,000 people can remain aboard. This sounds like some really twisted version of Mormon heaven. Watch as various classes and nationalities aboard the train sink into a battle to the death. It’s like Battle Royale, sans Japanese school children. Now thru July 10 at Nitehawk, Williamsburg; tickets, $11


Friends at a dinner pahhhty – this film is so low-budget the actors clutch glow sticks instead of actual flashlights. A comet flies overhead and things go cosmically awry as the characters’ lives are turned upside down. Closeups make for high-stress scenes and though the acting looks meh-meh, apparently the plot twists hold this baby together. Last screening is tonight, July 3, 9:55 pm at Village East Cinema, East Village; tickets, $14

Team America: World Police

Celebrate your 4th of July weekend by pouring one down at Nitehawk’s screening of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s classic puppet action film, and shed a tear for the bygone Bush era. There was so much more material to work with back then, people! July 4 and 5, 12:05 am at Nitehawk, Williamsburg; tickets, $11

Drivers Seat

This is 1970s Italian art house cinema at its best: campy, garish, and straight-up weird. Drivers Seat stars Elizabeth Taylor as a middle-aged housewife with an ice-cold stare, and features a cameo by Andy Warhol. We’ll take it. July 8, 7:30 pm at Light Industry, Greenpoint. tickets at the door, $7