Since we last admired the musical stylings of Rent Is Too Damn High candidate Jimmy McMillan, he’s pumped out soulful tunes about having just 50 cents and empty nest syndrome — and he’s even endorsed Hillary Clinton for president (so much for that Republican phase). But the above music video, which clocks in at six and a half minutes, might just be his masterpiece.

“The HamBone Story” incorporates lines from the 1952 Red Saunders song “Hambone” (“Hambone, Hambone, where you been? Round the world and back again”) but this is no faithful cover. Instead it’s a disco-tinged “true story of events that took place before the invention of the flush toilet,” according to a teaser video. “The Hambone brothers [T-Bone, Dog Bone, and Fish Bone] made a lot of money walking through every City, Town and Country in America doing what they do best. Digging holes for ‘THE OUTDOOR TOILET.'”

HamBone, see, was an “outhouse specialist” — “what he did, he dug the hole for the outdoor toilet,” explains McMillan in still another teaser video.

“His job was different than anyone I know,” he sings. “Everyone depended on him to dig a new hole.”

Watch the video to hear how Hambone was flushed out of business by modern plumbing.