If “Brooklyn Girls” wasn’t the song of the summer, what will be? Allow us to debut, for your consideration, “Summer Pop Song” by Star Ballads. True to its name, the band is made up of some fixtures of the Brooklyn rock firmament: namely Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase, Oakley Hall’s Rachel Cox on vocals, and Bernard Gann of Brooklyn black metal band Liturgy on bass.

Channeling Johhny Marr and strumming away on his Rickebacker is Greenpoint musician David First, the drone therapist from avant-punk band The Notekillers. This time, rather than needles or angular guitar shredding, First is sticking you with melody laden jangle pop.

Considering it’s almost August, “Summer Pop Song” might be a little late, but in addition to its bouncy rhythm and subtle layers, the song boasts a sunny, sticky chorus that’s appropriate for these dog days.

“I’m pretty much a chord/melody stalwart,” First said of the track. “I’ve always been a sucker for a catchy or emotionally resonant, maybe even sentimental, pop song—even on my deepest, darkest experimental day.”

Star Ballads will be finishing up an album this fall and some performances could happen, but for now you can watch the video for this first cut, packed with a bunch of NYC summer stuff — including a dip in the pool that looks a lot more appealing than the one Karen O takes in her new video.