Hate the sun? Are you… a vampire? Even if the answer to both those questions is no (whatever…) you should still check out these films playing this week.

The Dance of Reality
Legendary weirdo, avant-garde hero, and occultist extraordinaire Alejandro Jodorowsky returns after a 14-year filmmaking hiatus with an autobiographical film about his childhood growing up in a small Chilean town. Jodorowsky’s films are psychedelic experiences that are only fully realized on the big screen– so definitely don’t miss this one.
Now playing at Sunshine Cinema at 143 E Houston St., Lower East Side.

Emoticon ; )

A rom-com about a youngish woman (played by Livia De Paolis, also the director) dealing with the wacky digital hijinks of her squeeze’s Millennial kids. This movie might make you barf — or, who knows, maybe it’s a dead-on portrayal of romance in the digital age. Based on the fact that it isn’t titled Emoji, we get the feeling it falls in the former category. But this movie has the potential to be so bad, it might actually be good for a laugh.
Now playing at Cinema Village At 22 E 12th St., East Village

Jurassic Park

You know what makes me hungry? Seeing Newman (AKA Wayne Knight) get gored to death in Jurassic Park. So fleshy, so tender–amirite? If you have similar sentiments you should definitely make your way to the Jurassic Park edition of Nitehawk Cinema’s June Brunch series and catch the most legendary special effects films ever made.
June 7 and 8 at Nitehawk, 136 Metropolitan Ave, in Williamsburg

Master of the Universe

For something a little headier, check out this documentary narrated by Rainer Voss, a powerful German investment banker. Voss recounts the events leading up to the world financial crisis, and the ensuing shockwaves. It’s been compared to Errol Morris’s Fog of War.
June 6-12 at Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave, East Village

The Telephone Book

If your date is more of a “doer” and less so a “thinker,” skip Master of the Universe and bring him/her straight to Nitehawk for beers and a dirty movie, The Telephone Book. But hey, apparently it’s not all smut. The Telephone Book was made in 1971 at the height of New York underground filmmaking.
June 6 and 7 at Nitehawk, 136 Metropolitan Ave, in Williamsburg

Blue Velvet

Another midnight movie, David Lynch’s classic Blue Velvet will be screening at IFC. If you’ve never seen it on the big screen, this is your chance. Frank is so, so much scarier when he’s like 12 feet tall, I promise you.
June 6 and 7 at IFC Center, 323 Ave of the Americas, East Village