Bedford Avenue was abuzz last night with the opening of Courtshop, a New York-based women’s clothing brand specializing in skin-tight denim, tops, overalls and accessories.

The Nolita store has expanded into the space that was home to Mini Minimarket for 14 years (a rent hike forced its departure last month).

A DJ set by Charlift set the mood for ambitious shopping while Yes Way Rosé flowed into the hands of crop-top hunters, making the lack of air conditioning more tolerable. Neatly arranged jeggings and printed blouses dazzled. Others slipped into the dressing rooms to slither into the high-waisted jeans that Jenny Slate considers to be the perfect post-breakup fashion statement (“I like the way they make my butt look like a big ‘ole heart,” the star of Obvious Child recently told Opening Ceremony. “I feel really loud and proud when I wear those jeans.”)

“We’re super excited to have a store here,” said Tara Gallagher, a longtime employee of the brand. “Williamsburg is the perfect location to reach more of our audience.”

Court Shop is located at 218 Bedford Avenue, near North 5th Street.