By any measure, sceney boutique hotel SIXTY Soho (formerly 60 Thompson) is a fancy place. Which, of course, only added to the fun the other night when about 200 people crammed into the lobby and tagged the shit out the place. And THEN the sledgehammers came out…

The invite-only event, called Artists in Occupation, was put on by our buddies at Animal, the writers of Smart Crew, and our hotel-owning host Jason Pomerac. Smart Crew writers Elmo, Snoeman, Dceve, and Marty spent a few nights prepping the place with throw-up “foundation murals”, all just begging to be written on, and the party guests gleefully complied.

The space was packed with street-seasoned graffiti pros (in addition to Smart Crew, an all star roster of local writers showed up) and
plenty of regular folks who had no clue what they were doing tag-wise but had a blast marking up the walls anyway.

No surprise, when you hand out drippy markers and three hours of free booze to a room full of graffiti writers and their fans, even those
“off limits” spots (hello luxury bathrooms!) are going to be destroyed, but Pomerac was cool about it. Besides, they’re about to
gut-renovate the place… a process which began that night when Snoeman swung a sledge at the walls with such ferocity the bouncers
had to jump in and restrain the man before anyone got hurt.