In the video for “All Work,” the latest release by Williamsburg-based band Fever High, vocalists Anna Nordeen and Leah Cary frolic around Costa Rica in beachwear. Two Debbie Harry-esque blondes plus the beach is a solid recipe for fun — which is appropriate considering that’s the theme of the song. “All work / and no play / That’s no way to live / You got to live for today,” declare Nordeen and Cary in the track’s catchy chorus.

Fever High took shape in the summer of 2013 at the studio of the band’s producer/member, Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne). “Leah and I would come over to Adam’s studio and sing on demo tracks he would be writing for various things. We would joke about the three of us starting a band,” Nordeen told Bedford + Bowery. “Next thing I know, we’re thinking up band names. Adam wrote a few songs to get us started and now we all collaborate.”

This past March, the trio took a trip to Costa Rica where they shot the entire video on their iPhones before sending it to Ben Fries of Deadhorse Films for editing. If you haven’t run out to the beach by the time it’s over then also be sure to watch the video for “That’s So Typical,” in which the girls turn the city into one big dance party.