We knew Brandon Sines was taking over a former East Village bodega with a Frank Ape free-for-all. What we didn’t know until we got to Specials on C Saturday night was that the show would feature PORNO starring the artist’s hairy, deep-thinking (uh, not really) character. Yikes! But don’t worry: it was tastefully sequestered in the “XXX Adults Only XXX” section.

Click through out our slideshow to see Frank Ape plastered on soda, t-shirts, canned goods, stickers… you name it. We noticed quite a few “red dots = sold” stickers going up over the course of the three-hour event. If you missed it, you can get into “Dealing With Things Is Tricky” through May 7 by appointment. It’s located on the corner of Avenue C and 12th Street. If not, Sines is admirably active on the streets, and Frank Ape pops up all the time in B+B territory.