New Greenpoint gallery/event space Succulent Studios goes two-for-two with another fresh and fun exhibition, a collection of seven installations by seven different artists.

At the opening party for “Palabra” on Saturday night, the soaring space on West Street was once again crowded and rowdy as hell well into Sunday morning. Dominating the entrance was a cube installed by Rubin, one of the artists who recently painted the Domino Walls. Yes, it was even cooler than the virtual Rubick’s cube on Google today.

It was quite the lineup of artists: El Sol 25 channeled his love of odd collage and built a tipi trio from, among other things, cheesy porn mags. Beau Stanton constructed a huge sinking ship, complete with porthole video screen. Succulent Studios founder Sek3 set up a lyra (basically a big hoop) in front of his work, upon which a series of aerialists did their beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful, Katie Balloons nearly stole the show again with her fantastic balloon sculptures and an elaborate, almost kinetic headdress (no balloon bikinis for this Succulent show, sadly).

Summer Rose constructed a glowing ice cavern, Iena Cruz put together a pair of his as-usual unusual faces (loved the one with the glittery eyes and skateboard tongue) and Michael Alan’s area was a riot of dark, scratchy drawings and paintings with amusing found-object sculptural pieces inset throughout. Very cool.

Oh, and don’t miss Palabra’s closing party on June 21, when Alan will be doing one of his Living Installations: a “Triple XXX” version of Alice in Wonderland during which live models will be transformed into artworks over the course of six hours.