Lyonne, Glazer, and Jacobson (Photo: Jenna Marotta)

Lyonne, Glazer, and Jacobson (Photo: Jenna Marotta)

Last night Kevin Corrigan interviewed three stars who’ve each completed a very successful first season on TV (or Netflix). Seems he’s hoping their good fortune will bode well for The Talk Show Series–last night’s event at Over the Eight in Williamsburg was recorded as a prospective pilot.

The line-up of Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is The New Black) plus Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson was originally scheduled to be even more stacked: Michael Shannon of Boardwalk Empire was unable to attend because the HBO series was filming in Yonkers.

Lyonne, Corrigan’s friend and two-time co-star (Slums of Beverly Hills, Detroit Rock City), was the first guest. Around 1997, they were consecutive tenants at actor Michael Rapaport’s home in Beverly Hills. “Chilling mad hard on Beverly Boulevard,” as Rapaport used to say. In Lyonne’s recollection, A Tribe Called Quest was always on the stereo and there was a Raging Bull poster on the wall.

Lyonne described living at Rapaport’s West Coast address as a “transient” rite of passage for actors from New York. “I did GHB in that bathtub,” she said. “I saw Deer Hunter for the first time in that house.”

Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne

After discussing Lyonne’s love of literature — “I used to walk around with a book in my back pocket…it was like my cellphone, my armor. ‘Don’t fuck with me.'” — and clearing up confusion about whether St. Mark’s Bookshop still exists, Corrigan compared her to a “spiritual descendant” of Lou Reed, who died in October.  When Corrigan heard the news, he said he went to Manitoba’s bar on Avenue B. “Where else am I going to go? Where else is it going to mean something?”

“I was a wreck that day,” Lyonne said. “I didn’t cry that much when my mother died. I met him through Hal Willner [who is playing two shows at The Stone Sunday night as part of WSB100] like a month before he died. He summoned me.” Lyonne said Reed watched Orange is the New Black while he was in the hospital. They spent six hours together, and according to Lyonne, he played his songs for her. “We cried, shared a box of tissues,” she said. “In a way, every terrible thing that ever happened to me and every great thing that ever happened to me was Lou Reed’s fault.”

The interview wrapped on a lighter note, with Corrigan suggesting that they go visit Phil Spector in prison.

Then he welcomed the crowd favorite, the ladies of Broad City, admitting, “I did not know who these women were four days ago.” However, the bulk of the interview consisted of him quoting his favorite lines, getting Glazer and Jacobson to react.

Since their Comedy Central series is semi-autobiographical, Corrigan began by asking, “Do you feel like you have nothing to say now?”

“I feel like we got to the writers’s room this year and were like, ‘We’re empty trash bags,'” said Glazer, 26, who did assorted voices and was very demonstrative, crossing her eyes and sticking out her tongue. At some point she brought up “pocket pussies,” and Jacobson admitted, “We get high in fucking every episode.”

And yes, Glazer’s heard she looks like Alia Shawkat. Back when UCB vet Tim Martin — who they cast as Ilana’s ex, Dale, in the Broad City episode, “Apartment Hunters” — introduced the two women, Glazer said of Jacobson, “She thought I was Maeby from Arrested Development.”

Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, and Kevin Corrigan

Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, and Kevin Corrigan

Jacobson, 30, talked about how she’d been sick and throwing up for 24 hours before she shot the scene where she led the “Slide and Glide” workout at Solstice. “I’ve done some of my best work while hungover–‘I’ve burned every bridge, there’s nothing left.'” Corrigan said.

Although Broad City is their priority, the women also told Corrigan about their respective projects. “Welcome to Camp!” Jacobson’s solo, had UCB runs on both coasts, and Glazer starred in How to Follow Strangers, a feature film by Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Chioke Nassor.  

Both Lyonne and Corrigan complimented the work of their location manager, Joe Sevey. “Watching that show makes you think, ‘This is why its so great to shoot in New York,'” Lyonne said, singling out the use of Washington Square Park in particular. “It’s like a tanning salon for NYU students,” said Glazer, who went to NYU.

“I met my boyfriend there. At an Angela Davis rally,” Lyonne said.

“I met my boyfriend there too, actually,” Glazer said.

“I’m actually going there tomorrow morning,” Jacobson joked.