Saturday’s perfect spring weather coincided nicely with the first rooftop party of the season at The 407 Bushwick, an outdoor gallery and party space above Johnson Avenue in, obviously, Bushwick.

Curated by the tireless Fumero, the event was called “Art in the Air,” and featured live painting by the excellent likes of Elle, NS/CB, Whisbe, Cam (who did all of those giant owls in DUMBO), Iena Cruz, Gumshoe (with her first-ever spray piece), and the Cupcake Guy. Fumero joined in too, with a giant Lou-Reed-from-Transformer portrait.

Minimal techno and house from DJ Onda Skillet set a nice chill tone for the afternoon. A couple of grills fired up snacks on skewers, and there were plenty of beverages on hand as well. Mostly though, the day featured a lot of lounging in that beautiful thing called “sunshine” we’ve all missed so much. Welcome back.