When Baltimore-bred musician Mike McFadden came to Brooklyn in late 2012, he brought a new album with him. Having recorded virtually all of the music by himself before the move, all he needed was a band to turn it into a touring reality. Through a mutual friend, McFadden partnered with bassist Anthony Saladino and the two formed the nucleus of Animal Years.

By the time McFadden independently released Sun Will Rise in September of 2013, he had added Kevin Johnson (keys), Matthew Indellicati (guitar) and Anthony Spinnato (drums) to the roster. After a few gigs in the city, Rockwood Music Hall recruited Animal Years to play New Years Eve to ring in 2014.

Animal Years is currently down in Austin; they’ll play PR firm Effective Immediately’s showcase at Rusty’s on Saturday at 4:45 p.m., along with Play Room alums Von Shakes.

We visited McFadden’s Bushwick apartment for a live performance of “Heart on Heart” from Sun Will Rise. Following the performance, McFadden and Saladino talk about the origin of the band’s name and the benefits of being a band in NYC versus Baltimore.