Daniel Wientraub, Sek3, and the rest of the Succulent Studios crew promised us a big blow-out party to launch their new art gallery/event space in Greenpoint, and on Saturday night they most definitely delivered.

The turnout was lively and large, especially impressive in the face of such dismal weather. The space looked fantastic — the walls, the lighting — after what must have been a crazy few days of construction and cleaning and art-hanging. The beer flowed freely and, as so often happens at big group shows such as this, there was a bit of a reunion feel to the proceedings: old friends coming together and all that.

As for the exhibition itself, which is also called “Succulent,” the work here is strong and varied, with more than 30 artists contributing pieces. Paintings by Alice Mizrachi, Cern, Danielle Mastrion, R.P. Baker JR, Bisco Smith, Ezo, and Queen Andrea were particularly engaging.

But honestly, the highlight of the night was the balloons. Huge lunatic balloon sculptures and costumes created by Addi Somekh and sprayed by Cern were all over the place and instantly cheered each wave of soggy arrivals. Even more fun, perhaps, were the lovely balloon muses who circulated the floor, dressed in skimpy bikini-ish ballon outfits, handing out balloon rings. If you didn’t see them all over your Instagram, check them out in our slideshow.

You can see “Succulent,” the exhibition, and Succulent Studios, the space, by appointment only for now; regular hours will be announced soon.