Mark Schafer/Courtesy of HBO

Mark Schafer/Courtesy of HBO

This is what Stacy said he looks like.

This is what Stacy said he looks like.

The text in gray belongs to Stacy Lambe, a writer for VH1 and Out magazine who lives in Harlem. “One time he texted Hillary Clinton. It’s (literally) his only claim to fame,” Stacy writes. “He looks like her. Photo included.”

Meghan O'Keefe takes a selfie.

Meghan O’Keefe’s selfie.

The text in blue belongs to fellow VH1 writer Meghan O’Keefe. This Park Slope comedian runs the blog My Mom Watches Game of Thrones, and once wrote a very public letter to Ryan Gosling for HelloGiggles.

Episode 12: “Two Plane Rides” 

While checking her mail, Hannah gets a tap on the shoulder from Caroline, who MIA since Hannah kicked her out. Turns out Caroline has been living downstairs with Laird and she’s pregnant with his kid.


Hannah tells Marnie what she’s received in the mail–an acceptance letter from the MFA program at Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

2 3.0Newly employed Jessa is tasked with helping her boss commit euthanasia.

In a scene filmed at NYU’s Steinhardt School, Shoshanna learns that she failed a class and won’t graduate. She takes out her aggression on her apartment.



At this opportune time, Marnie shows up to confess that she’s been sleeping with Ray. “I hate you!” Shoshanna screams.



Minutes before Adam’s Broadway debut, Hannah breaks his concentration and shares her Iowa news.

6 7.0

In the next dressing room, Marnie visits Desi to give him a James Taylor guitar pick for luck. They make out.


During intermission, Shoshanna unsuccessfully tries to get back together with Ray.


Onstage, Adam seems at ease, comfortable speaking in a cockney accent. The cast takes their bows.


In the ladies’ room, Marnie gets a tongue lashing from Desi’s girlfriend.

11.0Across town, Jessa gives BD some sort of lethal pill she obtained through her seedy connections.



Elijah and Hannah wait for Adam outside the theater.


However, their congratulations are for naught–Adam thinks his performance was disappointing, and he blames Hannah. She leaves.



Oops, BD actually wants to live. Jessa calls an ambulance.


Dateless at the cast party, Adam won’t smile for the cameras (although Elijah will).

Marnie spies on Desi and Clementine arguing.


Alone back at 1616 India Street, Hannah clutches her acceptance letter, grinning.