This Friday's Denim Skin Party

This Friday’s Denim Skin Party

You know what they say: nothing goes with literature readings quite like an open bar.

This Friday, forthcoming literary and art review DenimSkin is hosting a shindig at The Suffolk featuring readings from the publication’s first issue, live music from Jillian Bordeaux, Milk & Honey and Esta Coda, tasty snacks and an open bar. Guests are invited to bring their own art/words/music to share in between enjoying beverages from an open bar. Did we mention there’s an open bar?!

DenimSkin aims to be an unpretentious platform for talented artists and writers struggling to get their work out there. “It’s a throwback to collectives who would find any platform to share their work,” says editor Michael Demyan. Demyan was compelled to develop his own review because he was feeling “a little bored with everything he was doing creatively” last October. He joined forces with Brian Van Remmen, who had experience launching a magazine in today’s not-so-magazine-friendly conditions (hint: it involves an Indiegogo campaign) to bring his vision to life.

Turns out there are copious creatives hungry for this sort of platform; Demyan was not short on submissions for his first issue, some of which took him by surprise. “Someone sent us a short story from Paris,” Demyan says. “I don’t even know how they found us.”

As for what makes the cut, DenimSkin does not discriminate based on past work or pedigree. “We want to show good work,” Demyan says. “Not focus on where you’ve been published previously or where you went to school.”

Friday’s event will set the tone for the scrappy, idealistic publication; the event page promises the evening of “no bullshit pretentiousness or awkward cliquishness.” Oh, and also an open bar.

DenimSkin’s inagural event is this Friday at The Suffolk, 107 Suffolk St. from 10pm. Suggested entry fee is $5. Open bar, food and music is $20.