Welcome to Girls Talk, in which two of our favorite New Yorkers share the text messages they sent during this week’s episode of Girls.

Mark Schafer/Courtesy of HBO

Mark Schafer/Courtesy of HBO

Gina Pollack takes a selfie.

Gina Pollack takes a selfie.

The text in green belongs to Gina Pollack, a photographer and writer who has lived in North Brooklyn since before the dawn of Hannah Horvath. She is the news editor for Greenpointers, which means she knows way too much about toxic sludge and Polish doughnuts.

Katarina Hybenova takes a selfie.

Katarina Hybenova takes a selfie.

The text in gray belongs to Katarina Hybenova, a media entrepreneur, award-winning photojournalist and founding editor of Bushwick Daily. Born and raised in Slovakia, she lived and studied in Prague and Leuven, Belgium only to find her home in the Bushwick-Ridgewood area, where she lives with her husband and three cats.

Episode 11: “I Saw You”

Right when he and Hannah finish having sex, Adam goes back to Ray’s place to run lines. Although she’d rather he stayed, Hannah says she understands why Adam needs his space.



While helping Adam rehearse, Ray answers the door: it’s Hannah. Adam and Hannah take a cab back to her place and he says goodbye, again.


At Soojin’s gallery, Marnie bonds with a wheelchair-bound photographer named Bedelia [Louise Lassar] who is preparing an exhibition of her work.

Hannah agrees to bring Elijah when she re-interviews Patti LuPone.


Marnie and Desi practice for an upcoming open-mic, and he confronts her about her YouTube video.

To keep her mind off of her withdrawal, Jessa dances herself into oblivion (Shoshanna approves).



While Adam takes a bath (a habit he clearly picked up from Hannah), Ray stands in front of the mirror, shaving, and gives a “Girls? Who needs ’em?” pep-talk.


Over drinks, Patti LuPone’s husband talks about giving up writing for a more practical career in academia because there wasn’t room for two artists in the relationship. This is Hannah’s worst fear, and the outcome seems increasingly possible now that Adam’s Broadway-bound.

The next day at GQ, Hannah shames her colleagues about their lack of artistic integrity (she calls their office “a sweatshop factory for puns”) and gets herself axed.10


Bedelia asks Marnie for her professional opinion on a picture, but before she can answer Jessa swoops in, gives an unsolicited one, and lands herself a new job as the photographer’s archivist.

Later, when she and Desi are backstage, Marnie tells him that she has feelings for him and gets let down easy. Despite the terrible timing of this revelation, their set goes well. Then Desi introduces Marnie to Clementine.

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Ray receives a second knock on the door: Marnie wants to screw.

Adam takes Hannah to dinner with his castmates–who she quickly alienates–before they go to Ray’s.

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