Photo courtesy of Toons' Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Toons’ Facebook page

In a world of much-too-serious video concepts and utterly ridiculous music trends, think of Toons as your classic Brooklyn party collective. At least, that’s what the band’s first video, “Bazooka Joe,” seems to suggest: a free, maybe even slightly volatile good time, where anything can, and probably does, happen. But aren’t those always the best stories?

On Toons’ self-titled debut, there’s no real agenda; just eleven quick, pop-inspired alternative tracks, perfect for blasting at the highest volume possible. Bedford + Bowery scored the “Bazooka Joe” premiere as well as an interview with Toons and video director Seamus McGuire, where topics like potential lawsuits were brought up and references to early-aughts action movies were made. If “Bazooka Joe” is your classic “happy nightmare” story, here are some thoughts from the morning after.

BB_Q(1) What inspired the bubblegum-meets-deadly weapon vibe of the song/video?

BB_A(1) TOONS: Even bubbles can be dangerous.

BB_A(1) Seamus: The song lends itself to a gritty black and white visual, but it’s about bubblegum…so I don’t think we could have left out the pinks in good conscience.


BB_Q(1) “Bazooka Joe” is pretty fast and furious. How does it stack up against the rest of the songs on the record?

BB_A(1) TOONS: R.I.P. Paul Walker

BB_A(1) Seamus: There’s a good bit of variation on the album, and the future videos will reflect that. Bazooka is sort of turning the key and revving the engine.


BB_Q(1) Did you know that there’s a cover band from NY called Bazooka Joe and the Bubblegum Beatdown? Any plans for a collaboration??

BB_A(1) TOONS: Lawsuit. Next question.


BB_Q(1) Finally, what’s with all the sweat? (We’re hoping that was just water…)

BB_A(1) TOONS: The song was so long that we were sweating by the end of it. Seamus also wouldn’t let us use the bathroom until the video was done being shot.

BB_A(1) Seamus: It’s a fun video but it gradually becomes a little nightmarish, so I see it as them rocking so hard that they’re drenched in sweat…because they’re trapped in a happy nightmare, and have to keep playing.

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"Bazooka Joe" by Toons

“Bazooka Joe” by Toons

Toons’ self-titled debut arrives Tuesday, March 25 via Old Flame Records. Catch the band’s next show at Pianos on Wednesday alongside Shark?, Mean Creek, Gross Relations and Life Size Maps.