Photo courtesy of Lit Lounge

Photo courtesy of Lit Lounge

For better or for worse, we live in a world in which things you text to one person have the potential to get screen captured and blasted to their 2,475 followers. That’s precisely what happened to Lit Lounge co-owner Erik Foss following this week’s “Lit Mondays.”

Erik Foss' Text Message to Prince Terrence (photo: via Prince Terrence's Instagram)

Erik Foss’ Text Message to Prince Terrence (photo: via Prince Terrence’s Instagram)

After popping by his bar Monday night, an aggravated Foss sent a text message to Prince Terrence, one of the DJs who plays tunes at Lit on Mondays. Prince Terrence then posted the text on his Instagram, adding that “tonight was the last #litmondays.” The post resulted in nearly 70 likes and many harshly-worded comments. It was also shared via Facebook (which is where the reader who shared it with us had discovered it). The post has since been removed.

We reached out to Foss via e-mail to get his side of the story. Here’s what he had to say:

This situation was blown way out of proportion.
When I walked into my place last night the guy to girl ratio was 10-1.
It was the worst crowd I have seen in the bar on a Monday in ages.
This was where my reference to a “holding cell ” spurred from.
I had asked both DJ’s Joshua Wildman and Prince Terrance several times to tone down the top 40 hip hop and mix their sets up.
The police were parked right outside and that alone stressed me out.
Both my security guards were out front handling the crowd on the street.
When I walked to the back of the bar I witnessed people smoking weed and had to have them thrown out.
The vibe was very seedy and felt dangerous.
The text I sent to Terrence was also sent to the other DJ, Joshua Wildman.
It was heated because these 2 DJs have been working for me for years and ignored my request.
I am an artist and business owner that has been living in Manhatten since 1996.
I’ve employed hundreds of young people and shown hundreds of artists in my gallery over the past 12 years.
I have friends of every color and ethnicity.
The implication of me being racist is cruel and hurtful.
I love all cultures and as an artist I have made work utilizing aspects of every culture.
I was raised by a single mother in a community in Chandler Arizona where my middle and high school were primarily Mexican American and American Indian.
I am so disgusted by all this it’s very difficult to even respond to such ridiculous accusations.
I hope this answered every one’s questions.
I hope that the general community sees that my text to my employees was a not thought out heated text in the spur of the moment about their job performances.
We’ve all been guilty of this.