Dark Sisters' matching

Dark Sister’s matching tats.

Dark Sister, the Bushwick phenomenon comprised of Jessi Wade and Tiffany Nicole, really, really, really, really like Henry Rollins. How else could one explain why they have matching tattoos of the former Black Flag frontman’s signature?

Dark Sister. (Photo: Cheryl Arent)

Dark Sister. (Photo: Cheryl Arent)

After Rollins signed both Wade and Nicole’s bodies with a black Sharpie at an event in Los Angeles, the girls got the autograph tattooed on before it had time to dry. “Sharpie ink probably went in with the tattoo ink,” they said.

Here’s what Wade had to say when we asked, “Why that tat?”

I guess during high school I was way too into Black Flag. I thought Henry Rollins was hot and shit – that kind of fan girl. But Tiffany read all his stuff and went in full depth, and then he became someone who was important to us. He’s a very potent person. He really knows who he is. And full disclosure — that’s what I’m about. He’s someone who has that style of living and rawness and realness we really admire. And it was amazing to have him give us that affirmation, and say, like, “It sounds like you girls are doing something interesting.”

Afterwards, Rollins said, “I hope I never do anything to disappoint you.”

Dark Sister

Dark Sister

Dark Sister describes the experience as a “very important moment in our friendship.” And the tattoos are part of a very pointed look: “I want people to be attracted but scared and turned on,” Tiffany said. “I want both of those things.”

The girls know that some people come to their shows just to check out their skimpy outfits, but they “don’t give a fuck.”

“If that is what will bring the people in…” Tiffany said.

“There is no wrong reason to be interested in any band,” added Jessi. “But I hope they open their eyes and their ears.”

Open your ears and you’ll discover the Tennessee transplants sound a little like Peaches-style rap laid on top of broken washer machines being detonated by napalm — a description they would probably enjoy.

Tiffany described their music as “primal screams.” Jessi was more specific: “I want it to be nu-metal, Riot grrrl, inter-dimensional angelic messages.”

Hear for yourself when they play The Eastern during SXSW on Friday at 7 p.m.