(Courtesy Cause B Show.)

(Courtesy Cause B Show.)

If there’s dialogue at a comedy show, it’s usually between comic and heckler, and it usually ain’t pretty. Think Michael Richards meltdown or Dave Chappelle standoff. But The Cause B Show (get it? Cosby show?) aims to spark a more productive variety of conversation –  about issues that are important to North Brooklyn. And that doesn’t mean the stache style du jour.

Wednesday’s show, “Less Cool More Community,” will focus on the disappearance of public spaces in North Brooklyn.

Victoria Varney, a community organizer who launched the series with stand-up comic Kerryn Feehan, says each night starts with a five-minute presentation about a given issue, followed by some comedy, and, often, some debate. The goal is to “start conversations between the local community and charitable efforts, bringing them together through laughter,” she says. “The shows have really morphed into a comedy show meets townhall meeting.”

Next week’s show, at Greenpoint Heights, features Adam Palmeter, Chris Calegero, Chrissie Mayr, Mike Brown, Katie Hannigan, and Raj Sivaraman, who hosts his own “educational comedy show,” Slideshow, at Over the Eight. It’ll raise money for the Northside Townhall, a former firehouse on Wythe Avenue that Neighbors Allied for good Growth, The People’s Firehouse and others are hoping to turn into a community and cultural center.

“A space of this nature is needed more than ever in an area where public spaces are turning into condos,” Varney said.

Doors open at 8:30 p.m., and beer is free with a donation.