With his new film screening at MoMA and a documentary about his famously unmade version of Dune screening at Film Forum next month, Alejandro Joderowsky is enjoying something of a comeback. Williamsburg-based designer Andrea Cohn has a direct connection to the Chilean auteur’s mystical, surrealist work, and she based a new clothing line on it.

To say Cohn had an eccentric upbringing is a severe understatement. Her mother was born in Oklahoma to a lower-middle-class family, while her father Harry Cohn, Jr. was an accomplished photographer whose father founded Columbia Pictures. She was raised in the spiritually rich city of Ojai, California and spent springs on her family’s property in Joshua Tree. Shortly after her father’s passing, her mother took to adopting felines — not stray cats, but leopards and caracals.

In the early ’70s, Cohn, Jr. took stills on the set of Jodorowsky’s lucid and perverse cult film The Holy Mountain. It was finding her father’s negatives and lush black-and-white prints from his time with Jodorowsky that inspired her company Andrea Doria’s newest collection. The centerpiece of the line is an intricate dress based on prominent iconography of the film, which took her and Associate Designer James Kelley over 50 hours to create the pattern itself by hand.

We caught up with Cohn and Kelly at their studio in Williamsburg, where we learned about their love of alchemy, Jodorowsky, and how their homage to Cohn Jr.’s work and the film came to fruition.

Video by Taji Ameen and Anthony Pappalardo.