The home of Meg since 1994 (photo: Allyson Shiffman)

The home of Meg since 1994 (photo: Allyson Shiffman)

Meg, that charming clothing store that oft has cutesy punny chalkboard signage and adorably themed discounts, has inhabited its Ninth Street location since 1994, so it was high time that it treated itself to a “Meg-over” (we warned you about the puns). But don’t fret, if you’re Mega-obsessed (lolz, we can make puns too!) with Meg’s robust collection of jumpsuits and covetable casuals, for now you can find them next door in the space that previously housed the clothing shop Sohung Designs.

Meg's pop-up space (Photo: Allyson Shiffman)

Meg’s pop-up space – it reads “Meg is here while she gets Megedover there” (Photo: Allyson Shiffman)

No major changes are being made to space; after 20 years it just needed “a little facelift.” “The floors were white at one time,” says shopkeeper Marlene Frontera. She says the store will “glow” when they move back in next week. My great aunt glowed after her facelift, so Marlene is probably right.

Meg also has shops in Williamsburg and Boerum Hill.