Everyone’s favorite connoisseur of all things retro and nostalgic, Mr. Throwback, gives us his weekly blast from the past.

Though nearly everyone who grew up in the ’90s feels a visceral connection to Full House, few have a tangible connection to the classic television series. As you might have guessed, Mr. Throwback is one of those lucky few. For those of you who are very, very young or Mennonites (though if you were a Mennonite, you probably wouldn’t be reading this) Full House was a family sitcom that aired on ABC for eight glorious seasons. The show follows the life of Danny Tanner, a recently widowed news anchor, as he raises his three daughters with the help of his friend, Joey Gladstone, and his brother-in-law, the oh so dreamy Jesse Katsopolis. Without further ado, here’s Mr. Throwback.

I have a strong connection to Full House. Not only is it one of my favorite childhood shows (and, I’m sure, one of everyone else’s favorites) but I own DJ Tanner’s pillowcase. I mean… it’s not the actual physical pillow case DJ Tanner slept on, but it’s the same exact one. I’ve had this pillowcase since the ’90s and I sleep on it every night, even in my 30s.

Another connection is that I went to Camp Lakota in New York, the same camp the Tanner girls went to. “Lakota, Lakota, we love you Camp Lakota.” In the camp’s office they have a T-shirt signed by the cast. I e-mailed the owner and made him an offer to purchase it for my store, but I haven’t heard back… I guess he knows the true value of a T-shirt signed by Danny, DJ, Stephanie (“How rude!”), Michelle (“You got it, dude!”), Jesse (“Have Mercy!”), Becky, The Twins (Nicky & Alex), Joey (“Cut it out!”), Kimmy, and don’t forget Comet!!!!

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Correction: The headline of this post originally misidentified the pillowcase as Stephanie Tanner’s.