ABMB2010In case you couldn’t tell from all the status updates about packing for 75 degree weather, it’s time again for Miami Art Week, when all the galleries that have been popping up in North Brooklyn and the Lower East Side pop down to Miami Beach. From the massive blue chip affair that is Art Basel to the almost entirely LES-populated NADA, mapping out an itinerary can seem overwhelming — and increasingly impossible, with more and more fairs appearing each year. But whatever, this is the opportunity to catch up on the downtown and Brooklyn art scenes while refreshing your tan. Here’s who to look out for this year.

Salon 94 will show works by Marilyn Minter Sebastian Errazuriz Francesca DiMattio Takuro Kuwata (Photo courtesy Salon 94)

Salon 94 will show works by
Marilyn Minter Sebastian Errazuriz Francesca DiMattio Takuro Kuwata (Photo courtesy Salon 94)

Art Basel in Miami Beach (Miami Beach Convention Center):

1. Lehmann Maupin (Booth K15): This Chelsea gallery also has a beautiful space on Chrystie Street. At Basel, it’ll present a vast selection of its represented artists including Brazilian street artists Os Gêmeos, Tim Rollins and K.O.S. and multi-disciplinary artist Billy Childish. In addition to the booth, Lehmann Maupin artist Tracey Emin will open her first U.S. solo museum exhibition Angel Without You at MOCA North Miami with a reception on Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the museum.

2. Luhring Augustine (Booth K17): This is another Chelsea gallery that recently expanded to a new art hotspot: Bushwick. Their booth will feature represented artists including Christopher Wool, Glenn Ligon and video artist Charles Atlas, who was the first artist to show in their Bushwick space last year.

3. 47 Canal (Booth N19): Blue chip mainstays aren’t the only galleries showing at Basel this year. During their first year in the fair, 47 Canal exhibits in the Nova section, which presents new works from one to three artists per booth. 47 Canal’s two-person booth will feature artists Alisa Baremboym and John Finneran.

More LES and North Brooklyn galleries at Art Basel in Miami Beach: Bureau (Booth P14), Miguel Abreu Gallery (Booth B27), Real Fine Arts (Booth P08), Reena Spaulings Fine Art (Booth K25), Salon 94 (Booth M04), Simon Preston (Booth N01), Sperone Westwater (Booth F08) and Untitled (Booth N16)

Pamela Jorden

Pamela Jorden’s “Cut Target.” (Photo courtesy Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery)

NADA Miami Beach (The Deauville Beach Resort, 6701 Collins Avenue):

1. Eleven Rivington (Booth 501): With two separate spaces in the Lower East Side, Eleven Rivington has emerged as one of the major Downtown galleries. Here, they’re bringing monumental abstract painter Jackie Saccoccio, as well as artists Michael Delucia and Aiko Hachisuka.

2. Invisible-Exports (Booth 211): Undoubtedly one of the most consistently fascinating galleries in the Lower East Side, Invisible-Exports exhibits a selection of their compelling roster including queer artist and filmmaker Scott Treleaven, vintage bodybuilder photographer Bob Mizer, the hilarious Cary Leibowitz (a.k.a Candyass), and Lisa Kirk, who will be featured in an exhibition at Invisible-Exports next week.

3. The Hole (Booth 309): Whether in their Bowery space or at art fairs, The Hole always seems to bring a fun party atmosphere wherever they go. At NADA, they’ll show a range of artists from prolific graffiti writer Jim Joe to collage artist Katherine Bernhardt.

More LES and North Brooklyn Galleries at NADA Miami Beach: Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (Booth 105), Brennan & Griffin (Booth 611), Callicoon Fine Arts (Booth 504), CANADA (Booth 214), Clearing (Booth 704), Lisa Cooley (Booth 114), Essex Street (Booth 401), Feature Inc. (Booth 710), James Fuentes (Booth 608), Laurel Gitlen (Booth 101), Jack Hanley Gallery (Booth 206), Horton Gallery (Booth 102), The Journal Gallery (Booth 510), JTT Gallery (Booth 507), Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery (Booth 111), P! (Booth P11), Eli Ping (Booth 703), Room East (Booth P14), Kerry Schuss (Booth 113), Joe Sheftel, Simone Subal (Booth 106), and Rachel Uffner Gallery (Booth 311).


Sue McNally

Sue McNally‘s self-portrait. Look for her work at the Auxiliary Projects booth.

Art Untitled Miami Beach (Ocean Drive and 12thStreet):

1. Auxiliary Projects: The Bushwick project space run by Brooklyn artists Jennifer Dalton and Jennifer McCoy challenges their exhibited artists to create multiples that can be sold at $300 or less. At Untitled, Auxiliary Projects features multi-disciplinary artist Arielle Falk’s 3-D printed flower pots with prolific artist and art writer Adam Douglas Thompson.

2. Garis & Hahn: A recently opened gallery space located on the Bowery, Garis & Hahn’s booth at Untitled includes artists Tatiana Berg, Clare Grill and Zefrey Throwell, who is known for his naked Wall Street performance Ocularpation: Wall Street as well as his elegiac portraits of his father using a combination of meth and his father’s ashes.

3. Participant Inc.: One of the most captivating and experimental nonprofits on the Lower East Side, Participant Inc. will show Conrad Ventur‘s collaborative photographs of Jack Smith and Andy Warhol Superstar and underground film drag icon Mario Montez.

More LES And North Brooklyn Galleries at Art Untitled Miami: Cindy Rucker Gallery, Denny Gallery, DODGE Gallery, Hionas Gallery, Marc Straus, Microscope Gallery, Rawson Projects, Scaramouche and Y Gallery.

Kelly Denato

Kelly Denato’s “Cry Me A River” (Courtesy Bunnycutlet Gallery)

Scope Miami Beach (Ninth Avenue and Ocean Drive):

1. Bunnycutlet Gallery: Opened in Williamsburg last year, Bunnycutlet is bringing surrealist pop art with hints of animation and illustration to Scope’s awkwardly named yet exciting Breeder section, which focuses on luring young galleries and artists. Bunnycutlet artists who are all appearing at the fair for the first time include Devin Clark, Kelly Denato, Chris George, Jen Hill, Douglas Ra and Weston Ulfig.

2. Fuchs Projects: Located in 56 Bogart Street, one of the major studio buildings in Bushwick, Rafael Fuchs will bring one of his own murals to the Breeder section. He’ll also show photographer Petros Chrisostomou and Philippines-born, Brooklyn-based queer artist Miguel Libarnes.

3. The Parlour Bushwick: Another Bushwick space in the Breeder section, The Parlour Bushwick was created as an alternative to the traditional gallery environment with a heavier focus on artistic community than art sales. Their booth includes Rachel Phillips, Michelle Matson and Bridget Mullen, who have all shown at their space previously.

More LES and North Brooklyn Galleries at Scope Miami Beach: Front Room Gallery, Magpi Projects and Shin Gallery.