After last week’s preview glimpse into the hotly anticipated Rough Trade store, we couldn’t resist returning for its opening today, to see the finished product.

Well, not quite finished. The cafe and bar aren’t yet open, and co-owner Stephen Godfroy assured us, “We’re going to add the fat to the store.”

“We had to open as soon as we possibly could,” he explained. “But the store is not ready. So there is only a certain amount of stock here and we have a lot more depth to be added to the music and the books.”

One bulk of stock yet to fully hit Rough Trade is its 100 best albums of the year, many of which aren’t available in the U.S. and will be “exclusive” to Rough Trade, Godfroy said.

To add a little more pressure to the situation, the manufacture of the displays is behind schedule. But even when they’re done, the store will always be a “work in progress,” according to Godfroy.

“It will continuously change and evolve. And that’s what will make it such a fun place to visit,” he said. “We want each time you come here to be unlike the last. Yes, we have to get it up to speed in terms of creating a foundation. But once that’s in place, it’s the continuous teasing and refreshment of it as an experience.”

Click through the slideshow to see the store as it was this morning, and read more here.