Were you ever a Hulkamaniac? Of course you were, and so was anybody who grew up in the ’80s.  Rocks Off successfully threw their first ever rock n’ roll themed film festival a few months back and are now making their way into the world of professional wrestling. It’s a natural progression, really: Billy Corgan did it.

Rocks Off founder Jake Szufnarowski, PWInsider.com writer Mike Johnson and the voice of Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Kevin Gill, curate this three-day battle royale with the help of legendary WWF stars Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rob Van Dam – who are both involved in all aspects of the festival and are making appearances at Q&As and events.

From Thursday to Saturday at Kraine Theater in the East Village brace yourself for this Wrestlemania of film fests.

Roster highlights include:

Chris Sader donned the yellow and red (Hulk Hogan’s iconic colors for those less versed in wrestling), said his prayers, took his vitamins and developed a bond with the Hulkster that has helped him through some troubled times.

Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies
Watch wrestling legends Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Terry Funk, Kurt Angel and more, as they face off in a no-holds-barred battle against a mob of the undead. What happens when you body-slam a zombie? Surprise guests will be in the theater for a Q&A!

Barbed Wire City
ECW was the midnight movies of wrestling — over the top violence, bad language, and sexually explicit scenarios. The ECW took wrestling to a place the WWF and WCW weren’t quite prepared to – until of course years down the line when the WWF began the “Attitude Era” and eventually bought ECW. Wrestlers from the ECW will be on hand for a Q&A.

The Rocks Off Pro-Wrestling Film Festival is just one of several fests this week. Check out the others, as well as the other flicks we’re Reel Psyched to see this week.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles + Party etc.

Strap on your ninja gear, do your stretches and get ready to shred. BBQ Films presents the Fall Foot Clan Tryouts, where you’re not only competing to be a ninja hooligan in Shredder’s evil clan, but you’re also eating pizza (duh!), drinking Brooklyn Brewery beers and watching the TMNT movie. Along with a skate ramp, graffiti and vintage video games there will be special guests. (We’re really hoping Vanilla Ice shows up for some Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go action — it would be a nice segue into Secret of the Ooze.)
Villain, 50 N 3rd St, Williamsburg; 7 p.m.; $45

Throne of Blood (part of The Middle Ages On film: Shakespeare)

It’s samurai Shakespeare! Akira Kurosawa’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth transposes the story to feudal Japan where Lords Washizu and Miki meet a prophet in the woods who predicts great things for them. If you’ve read Macbeth, and we’re sure you have, you know what happens next.
Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave., East Village;

Nitehawk Shorts Festival

Nitehawk’s first ever short film festival brings together up-and-coming filmmakers for three nights, not only competing for a prize from Nice Shoes, but also for the admiration of fellow movie lovers. Over 90% of the talent resides in Brooklyn, keeping this very local. Some films include “Times Square of the ‘80s,” “Sharp Love Sharp Kittens” and “Master of the Broken House.”
Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg

Williamsburg Independent Film Festival

The fourth annual Williamsburg Independent Film Festival features 57 films from around the world. Programs are split into themes like “Shorts and Giggles” and “Williamsburg Special,” and feature films in various genres. Films include “Grand Morelos” (which better take place in the 24 hour Grand St. staple of Williamsburg), “Girl and a Gun,” a modern day western, and “Building Magic” about a local musician known for his handcrafted props and upbeat performances. For more information and tickets: http://www.willfilm.org
IndieScreen, 89 Kent Ave., Williamsburg;
Videology, 308 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg

Bettie Page Reveals All + Q&A w/ Director Mark Mori, and Bettina May. Best Retro Style Contest and Prizes.

Using recorded interview clips from a decade before she died, played over rare archival footage and photographs, Mark Mori creates a film that captures the mysterious Bettie Page through many of her life’s challenges. From her broken marriages and becoming a born-again Christian, to her struggles with mental illness, we hear Page talk candidly about her life.
Village East Cinema, 189 2nd Ave., East Village; 7:20 p.m.; $13.50

Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?

Directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep), this animated documentary explores the life of Noam Chomsky and his theories. Gondry’s illustrations and conversations with Chomsky make for a unique film about philosophy and linguistics.
IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave., West Village; $13.50

Street Trash + Writer Roy Frumkes in person.

Shot in Greenpoint during the ’80s, this is a must-see for anybody in the neighborhood – check out Nitehawk’s map of locations used in the movie. A liquor store clerk is selling 60-year-old booze called “Viper” to hobos, which is turning them toxic, melting them into weird neon colors, and scaring the neighbors.
Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg; Midnight; $11

CineKink: Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Fresh off a tour of sold out screenings, CineKink is back in NYC to celebrate ten years of the kinky film festival. With titles like Tooshie Smooshie, Teat Beat of Sex and Hitchcocked, we’re sure there’s got to be something here for everybody. Each short film will represent a year going back to the festival’s beginnings in 2003.
Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave., East Village; 7 p.m.; $12

John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums
A documentary about the Kennedy years intercut with footage from the day of his funeral. Narrated by Gregory Peck, with both color and black-and-white footage, the film was produced by the United States Information Agency and never intended for the US public. It’s rarely shown in theaters.
Film Forum, 209 W. Houston St., SoHo; 3:30 p.m.; $12.50