(Photo: @GunsNHosesRock)

(Photo: @GunsNHosesRock)

Every tribute band’s ultimate wet dream has got to be meeting their match IRL. And just over a week ago Guns N’ Hoses— Brooklyn’s own all-girl Guns N’ Roses cover band — got to do just that. But it wasn’t like girls were desperate groupies waiting backstage.

“It was some pure universe serendipity shit. It was crazy,” Charlene Kaye (a.k.a. Gash) told B+B of the time Gash met Slash.

“They interrupted our practice,” Kaye explained. “We all flew out to LA because our bassist Mia lives in LA and she’d booked us rehearsal time at this space. She texted us all the night before and was like, ‘Hey, guess who’s going to be rehearsing at the same time we are tomorrow?'” Apparently it was Kings of Chaos, the band comprised of all the original GnR members, save for Axl Rose.

“I was looking at Charlene at the time and I just saw her face go white, and I turned around and there’s Duff and Matt just sitting behind me and my jaw dropped to the ground,” Mia Swier (a.k.a. Muff) told us.

Apparently when the girls started to play “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Slash walked in wearing what Kaye described as “a backwards hat, Ray Bans, hoop earrings, and a cut off T-shirt.”

“He gave us his endorsement. And it was so cool, because you do the thing, you put a lot of work into it, you don’t ever think your heroes are going to come and endorse it,” Swier practically beamed through the phone.

The ladies of Guns N’ Hoses — Erin Marsz,Charlene Kaye, Emmy Wildwood, Gina Ilasi, and Mia Swier — have been together since 2011 honing their personalities as Axl Hose, Gash, Lizzy Straddlin’, Stevie Rattler, and Muff McKagan, respectively. And Guns N’ Hoses aren’t just a star-struck motley crew of girls that like to play dress up. “The cool thing about how we came together is that we are five girls who are all front women of our own separate projects,” Swier said. Indeed, today Marsz released a single that was recorded in Bushwick with her band Erin Mary and The West Island (they play Bowery Electric Nov. 26).

“This is a side project and all of our first forays into the tribute world,” Swier told us. “None of us have done tribute before. Which is cool, it’s definitely a change of pace from writing and recording your own stuff.”

This weekend, don’t miss your chance to experience the Slash-approved Guns N’ Roses cover band. Guns N’ Hoses are playing Friday night starting at 6 p.m. with none other than an all-metal tribute to the Bee Gees, “which should be a lot of fun,” Kaye said, at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. B+B had a decidedly wacky time @BKBazaar opening night on November 1st. Check out our Tweets if you’re curious about what’s in store.

And don’t forget– tickets for Friday’s Guns N’ Hoses show are free, but apparently you gotta get em first.