Sorry, guys, New York still doesn’t have a cat cafe, but at least there’s this: Tuesday, the city’s first Tokyo-style maid cafe launched an open-mic night. Which seemed like a great time to head to Chinatown to see what Maid Cafe NY was all about.

First off, forget about doing sake bombs with the maids, because there’s no liquor here — and that’s because proprietor Satoshi Yoshimura wants his cafe to be “a comfortable place for the younger people.”

“We like to promote Japanese culture, jpop music, the art and culture,” said Yoshimura. “I’d like to help all the young people who know about us to express themselves, not just with jpop, but also everything from their lives and how they feel.”

Click through the slideshow to see those young’uns singing lullabies from Sega Saturn games, sharing brownies and beef bowls, and, of course, mingling with the maids.