a76d8b68ad00a5c3ecadb3a9_649x839If you saw Macauley Culkin movies in the early ’90s you probably owned a Nintendo Entertainment System, and if you owned an NES you probably went to see movies with Macauley Culkin in them.

That spells synergy for Le Poisson Rouge, which is holding a Nintendo-themed Halloween party (three weeks before Halloween) hosted by Culkin. Apparently when he’s not being floated for a part in Adam Green’s Aladdin remake, Culkin does semi-regular DJ duty at LPR for the “Mac’s iPod” series.

The free event starts at 10 p.m. in the gallery. Nintendo-themed costumes are encouraged for those wanting an after-hours use for their Dig Dug cosplay after New York Comic-con, which starts the same day.

Let’s hope the party is better than the Home Alone Super Nintendo game.