Amid the gloom and doom over closing record shops, there are a couple of glimmers of hope. Last week, Academy Annex  (check out photos of the new store at 83 Oak Street below) while a Bushwick newcomer hit the corner of Knickerbocker and Jefferson.


(Photo: Academy Annex’s Facebook)

Ross Hymowitz and Joe Cozza opened Vinyl Fantasy, not to be confused with the rave series of the same name, for the first time last week, bringing in a first day take of $63 and 4 apples (the apples were bartered for an 8-track of Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline).


(Photo: Academy Annex’s Facebook)

Hymowitz said they plan to focus on classic rock, blues and standards as well as a few new releases. They also plan to sell comic books in the near future, carrying new releases from major players Marvel and D.C. as well as a few indies.