Corlears Hook / FDR Drive

(Photo: Joel Raskin’s Flickr)

We regret to be the bearer of bad news ­but: you can no longer buy cake made of honey toast submerged in whipped cream and fruit on St. Marks Place. CoCo Fresh Juice & Tea opened this week, replacing the short-lived Iris Café. [EV Grieve]

If you’re young and “bohemian” and still determined to move to Williamsburg, here’s a guide that shows you how to do it. [Brokelyn]
Also: if you’re kinda young and female and worried you’re not as successful as you’d always imagined you might be, here’s a list of professional Brooklynite women under 30 who will validate your concerns. [Brokelyn]

The historic Williamsburg Savings Bank building in Williamsburg just secured enough cash to complete its transformation into an events center. [Free Williamsburg]

More bad news associated with Molly: a woman on a first date in Bushwick alleges she was raped repeatedly after being slipped a dose of the party drug. [DNA Info]

There will be an all-Bushwick-themed radio show – broadcast 24 hours online – from a forthcoming bar near the Jefferson L stop. The boozing joint will be called Radio, appropriately.  [DNAinfo]