Time it was, and what a time it was — it was a time of free beer, awesome DJs, and what else? You tell us! We had a great time at the Bedford + Bowery bazaar, and hope you did too. We learned how to make a patacon (and learned that Patacon Pisao’s LES store at 139 Essex Street opens October 1, and will stay open late late). We got a preview of Tørst‘s bar menu: a confit chicken sandwich with burnt hay, as it turned out. We learned when to hit Bunker to avoid a wait: early on a Wednesday. Divya Anantharaman brought her goods by cab (hence her joke about arriving in a “taxidermy taxi”). Gay marriage advocate Brian Ellner took advantage of the Falcon Bowse T-Shirt Transformation Program and turned his friend’s Obama Pride shirt into a hat. And our favorite part (besides the sticker of Frank we got from Brandon Sines of Bushwick’s Living Gallery): meeting a couple that actually lives on the smelliest block in NYC. They said the scent we got Nova to make was dead on, though it could use just a smidge more fish stink.

If you missed it all, check out Scott Lynch’s photos to see what went down. We’re going to spend Labor Day sleeping off that jalapeno beer and will see you back here Tuesday.