The new high-tech creative work space at 319 Scholes.

The new high-tech creative work space at 319 Scholes (Photo: 319 Scholes)

These days, a lot of creative work emerges at the intersection of artistic impulse and new technology: think 3D printing and paper sculptures cut from lasers. Problem is, the tools to make it cost a lot of money, and artists aren’t known for having a ton of that.

Now 319 Scholes, an exhibition space in Bushwick, is doing its part to fix that problem. On Saturday, they’ll show off a newly constructed collaborative workspace for artists that includes a cutting-edge fabrication lab, filled with fun gadgets including a “top of the line” laser cutter and 3D printer. With three types of affordable memberships for workspaces by the day ($25) or month ($350) or a pass for a month of fabrication ($100), artists can get creative and birth their visions all in the same space — and not pay an arm and a leg to do it.

Curator Lindsay Howard says helping these artists also helps 319 Scholes. “We had to figure out how to make the space sustainable since we’re not a commercial gallery,” explains Howard, who has worked with founder Igal Nassima since 2010 to support local talent in the evolving field. In that time, Howard says they’ve exhibited work from more than 300 artists and helped launch careers that, in some cases, have led to solo shows in Chelsea: in 2011, 319 Scholes teamed with artist Jon Rafman to exhibit his work – concerned with the robotic pervasiveness of Google’s street view images – and now Rafman has his own show at Zach Feuer gallery.

319 Scholes will keep an exhibition space, says Howard, but now, she hopes, inviting artists to come in and create and use their high tech toys will similarly help launch more viable and visible careers in the emerging field. “It makes sense that as the field evolves and mirrors science and technology, we evolve,” Howard explained.

Howard hopes to have the 10 work spaces spoken for by October. This Saturday, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., you can head to 319 Scholes and enjoy some light beverages while checking out the fancy machines.