Food cart love

(Photo: Scott Lynch’s Flickr)

If you didn’t already think Greenpoint had all the makings for a great soap opera – what with all that big money waterfront development and a bunch of scary crime – an alleged prostitution ring at a Greenpoint massage parlor might help change your mind. [DNAinfo]

Police are looking for a man suspected of attempted rape in Williamsburg. The suspect broke into a 21-year-old woman’s window near Metropolitan Avenue and climbed on top of her; surveillance footage shows the man wearing a white t-shirt and jeans while wheeling a bike and looking — on more than one occasion — guiltily behind his shoulder. [Gothamist]

Bloomy may be on his way out, but LES residents think he’s up to the same old tricks, this time for backing more waterfront development, dubbed Seaport City, “a new neighborhood on the East River.” [The Lo-Down]

Love pedaling around but hate helmet head? This East Villager is making stylish protective caps that might help mitigate your annoyance at the bad hair day you’ll still have afterward. [EV Grieve]

Northern Spy Food Co.’s Hadley Schmitt finally says it: enough with the kale salads already. [Eater, Village Voice]

Berry Park — that great little rooftop drinking spot in North Williamsburg Berry Hill gets a new and increasingly tall neighbor on North 14 Street. [Curbed]

There’s something new to Worship in Bushwick, and it happens to be a store filled with old (fashionable) clothes. [Bushwick Daily]