Zee’s on East 13 Street. (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Earlier today, Zee Raja’s seven- and nine-year-old sons were caring for Black Ninja, a rescued pigeon that had been bitten by a dog. “We’re trying to help it fly again,” Zee explained.

Zee is hoping his pet store will take off as well. Last week, he reopened Zee Pets Supply at 530 East 13 Street, just a few blocks north of the store’s former location off of Tompkins Square Park (who said Bushwick had to have all the new pet shops?). It’s right next to The Baroness’ New York City Latex Boutique — meaning fetishists can now purchase an inflatable straight jacket and then pop right next door for a collar and leash!

Pet supplies! (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Pet supplies! (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Zee – who has two cats and no dogs – plans to test the waters for a month. He worries that foot traffic on the quiet side street won’t attract as many customers as his previous location on Avenue B (you can’t get all your business from latex lovers).

But he’s hoping his prices — lower than they were at the previous store — will lure them in. “Business is hard,” he said, “but it’s harder to find a job.”